Monday, September 21, 2009

September 15-17, 2009

Is it weird that I really enjoy using power tools?

That was a fun day.
Luckily, we're all chemically stable now.

Alright, this one needs explaining.

As you might remember, I've avoided driving for the past four years.
(I was lucky enough to go to a school where it wasn't really necessary.)
And even before that I didn't relish the idea of being behind the wheel.
It's a quirk.

Thing is though, I've sort of come into possession of a hand-me-down car.
With the expectation I'd drive it.

First though, I had to get it back from the Collision Repair Center (its reasons for being there are completely unrelated to me.)
This was the first time in... possibly ever, I think... that I've driven alone and let me tell you, I didn't even have a chance to pull out of the Collision Center before very nearly causing a collision myself.

The rest of the drive home was a series of rapidly induced panic attacks and near misses.
It's truly a miracle I made it the nine blocks back home.

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  1. I can totally relate to your driving panics!! I had to rent a car this year to move all of my stuff out of storage and I am telling you...driving from the airport to the dorm was the most nerve wracking adventure ever! I didn't even know how to work the GPS properly. O m O;;