Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It was AWful.
But I'm all better now.


  1. Question: Isn't bad to go straight to meat after a liquid fruit and veggi fast? Like make you sick bad?

  2. Um. I felt a lot better afterwards.

  3. Hey guess what, YOU STILL WON! I'll buy you smooshi or dim sum next time we hang out since we never decided on a prize.

  4. Well I am glad that you dont feel bad. Feeling good is always better!

  5. Actually, I don't know that I did win.
    I thought everyone was doing the Standard Program so I was still on the solid foods/juice mix section before I went to all juice. It wasn't until the night before I had the blood sugar meltdown that Shannon told me that people were doing the Express Program.
    If you and Garrick managed the juice only section, I think you win.

  6. Meredith I appreciate your ethics of fairness but i think going 6 days of all fruit/veg vs mine and Garrick's epic fail of one day all fruit/veg and the next morning of juice you still beat us by a long shot...
    Next time we hang out junk food party!