Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I know for a fact that I am not the only one to have completely blanked their own name.

It's just particularly funny to me though, not only because hesitating makes me look like I'm making stuff up, but also because I do on occasion give a false name. 
(It's a mercy thing, cashiers have a really hard time with 'Meredith'.)


  1. How do you think it feels to be a "Garrick"?
    I get Garrett, Eric, Dereck, Geareth, Gary...and so on. I just nod a say yes at this point

  2. Mariam, Meridian, Miranda, Melody, Malarky...
    Yes. It is a pain we know well.

  3. I had "Tiffany" recently. I didn't know who the hell they were calling but it was definitely the food I wanted. Sorry if "Tiffany" ordered the same thing. She should have been faster.

  4. Gayrick. That's what I call you.

    I like to go with Bruce. I used to have a good friend that we'd just do superhero names at Starbucks. Clark. Kent. Bruce. Wayne. Bruce. Banner.

    We were on a roll until he betrayed me. I said Oliver. He said Stone.

    Queen you fool. QUEEN IS THE CORRECT NAME.

    I'm not bitter...

  5. I get Sharon all the time. Also occasionally Cheryl. Once, someone thought I said Jennifer. I still am not sure about that one.

  6. @Whit Agreed.

    @BatticusFinch People'll disappoint you.
    But even so, that was a pretty awesome system you had going there.

    @Shannon ...I, um... I don't know how that could have happened either...
    ...they aren't even alike in syllables...