Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That book was one of the single most depressing things from my childhood and I am constantly attempting to repress the memory.
To this day I cannot read it.

These people obviously hate children.


  1. I have terrible childhood memories of my parent's reading "A Christams Carol." I would be inconsolable when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows that Tiny Tim is dead. I would cry for hours. I believe that book was donated shortly after my parents realized I wasn't going to stop crying if they read me that book.

    Hurray childhood!

  2. Oh man.
    I'd forgotten how awful that was too.

    When I look back, there were a lot of traumatizing issues there.

    I can't read Dahls' 'The Witches' either. The scene where the little girl is trapped in the painting is just horrifying.

  3. Books are scary business when you're a kid. I suppose some still are :S