Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am late to everything.


  1. You aren't alone in the lateness. Though I got mine last year, I think I was the last of my entire family to have one.

    Which one do you have? I have an HTC Inspire and I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it may be the first phone I want to keep after my contract is up. My sisters and mom have the same phone but my dad has the most recent iPhone.

    He has Siri call him "Master of the Universe" and requests ridiculous things from her.
    "Siri. Get me a Hostess Cupcake."
    "I found a bakery 1.5 miles away."
    "Siri. You're an idiot."
    "You are entitled to your own opinion."

    Anyway, enjoy the glow of your new screen!

    1. Well, I'm still later than you.
      And the last of the family.
      And so on, and so forth.

      I got the IPhone 3. Didn't wanna spring for the 4 or 4s 'cause I really don't utilize smartphones to their fullest.

      (Tho' I am liking the learn French and Japanese Apps...)

      I think I've heard just about all the ridiculous things Suri can be asked or told, but they're all hilarious.

      But yes, enjoying the phone.
      I almost feel like it's too fancy for me though...

  2. Congratulations! I pretty much abandoned my computer after I got mine. There is even a blogger app. You can post from your phone now!

    1. No!
      Too tiny a screen!
      (I'm kinda like an old person stuck in a younger person's body...)