Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here's how to tell when I'm hungry in two easy steps.
First, check to see what time it is.
I'm hungry.

That's it.
Assume I am always hungry.
Because it's more or less true.

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Note:  Original artwork is drawn on 3 x 17 inch paper scraps.  ("Scraps" on scraps, get it?)  It is digitally reformatted for the internet and viewing ease.  


  1. Part of me is like "yay I'm in a comic!"

    The other part is like "man, I come off as a douche."

    lol. I'll take it! :)

    Additionally: I love how hipster Justin looks.

    ...I am a douche. Dammit.

  2. Not a douche.

    You were just stating the obvious.

    Sorry if it comes off that way...

  3. blogger doesn't have a "Like" button, so pretend with me...

    ::click:: "Like"
    jackie likes both of these comments

  4. I think it is less a question of you coming off that way...it is more a case of me being, in all actuality, a douche. :P

    Honestly not offended. But you did totally blow my cover... jk ;)

    Love ya Meredith! Bringer of awesomest art. And Jackie. Bringer of delicious treats. Nom Nom Nom!

    (also, whenever someone mentions "stating the obvious," I immediately think of this scene:

    (time 1 minute 26 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds)

    No wonder I'm single. Bwa ha!